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baiser votre mère

Claims Post! ...again. :|

Ookay, here's the claims post! :D Two people per claim, maximum of two claims per person. You can claim one or two characters, or a specific group of characters (the men, the women, etc).

You're seeing this again because Caity is, in fact, a complete idiot and forgot to fix this when she switched journals. :|

Start your claiming! :D

Yuuki Juudai » arcesso (jaden_me_up)
Marufuji Ryou » omame (radioactive_i)
Tenjouin Fubuki » yokokaru_chan (swingycons)
Manjyome Jun » bioplague (iselia)
Manjyome Jun » nozmo (mirroricons)
Marufuji Shou » shadowvitani (vintagecerulean)
Marufuji Shou » nevermore199

Marufuji Ryou/Tenjouin Asuka » reconquista (iselia)
Manjyome Jun/Tenjouin Asuka » manjyome (possession)

The Men » nin_kennero (iconage____)
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Hi. I'm probably being an idiot by taking on a huge claim, but may I claim Syrus Truesdale (aka Marufuji Shou)?
Sure! :D
May I claim Juudai/Manjyome? <3
Can I claim Juudai/Asuka?
*wave wave* Fear me using the RP account to sign up. >>; No personal Journal ya see.. Um, this may be suicidal, but can I choose minor characters as a set? You know, the one shot characters, unnamed, etc..?